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An editorial is freer to flow. The meaning of the introduction is to facilitate the reading of the text and to prepare readers to easily review the methods, results and write scientific paper online. DataCite — Establish easier access to research data by providing persistent identifiers for data.

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Typically they are words or one typed A4 page of double spaced text write scientific paper online. I only have few interesting cases with me.

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This statement can be amply exemplified by the fact that, for a topic help with writing a term paper acute appendicitis which has been well known for many decades, there are more than ten thousand articles in the PubMed as on today. MJAFI accepts submissions from multiple specialties. Thus, starting with the conclusion infuses our mind with the draft of the path that we would like to reveal to our readers.

Addgene — Connect with other researchers through this plasmid sharing platform.

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PubReader — Alternative web presentation that offers another, more reader-friendly way to read literature in PMC and Bookshelf. That is also the most important part of the text, whether it is written on the laboratory research, experimental research or clinical study. Figshare — Manage your research in the cloud and control who you share it with or make it publicly available and citable GenBank — Gene sequence database provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

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Have a positive outlook for criticisms and comments by reviewers and improve your manuscript accordingly. OMMS also allows easy tracking of a submitted manuscript. We will give you the service you deserve at the price you deserve; it may not be the cheapest around, but it is affordable and a bargain for what you will get in return.

Choose your own writer and let your working relationship create a great piece of writing. Researchers can also maximize the exposure of their work by placing their manuscripts in Paper repositories.

Scientific papers have more impact if they’re ‘stories’

Thanks to PaperWritingPros. Direct2experts — A federated network of biomedical research expertise. Outreach AcademicJoy — Sharing research ideas and story in research and innovation. DataHub — Publish or register datasets, create and manage groups and communities Dataverse Network — Harvard-based tool to share, cite, reuse and archive research data.

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Summary and conclusion Scientific writing and publications are essential component of constant capacity building for medical professionals in any institution or organization. MyScienceWork — Diffuse scientific information and knowledge in a free and accessible way. Outsourcing experiments ScienceExchange — Marketplace for shared lab instrumentations. It also alleges, as to which group of subjects the focus should be on.

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In the worst scenario, the article may get rejected. Many journals display their acceptance rate on the home page itself.

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Instead, choose PaperWritingPros. Utopia Docs — Pdf reader that connects the static content of scientific articles to the dynamic world of online content.

  • Researchers usually find it difficult to discard data that did not produce any useful information in their experiment.
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It may appear like a big challenge to those who are not familiar with scientific publications. There are a number of guidelines available online with many of them being accessible for free download. However, the opposite is more common.

Mendeley — A platform comprising a social network, reference manager, article visualization tools. Usually, minor mistakes in writing references in the reference section are taken care of by the journal editorial team.

And under Crowdfunding, you will find tools that help you collect funds for research from others. Pubmed Commons — Share opinions and information about scientific publications in PubMed.

Writing and publishing a scientific paper: Facts, Myths and Realities

Within the IMRaD structure Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussionafter the conclusion, I usually move forward to the results, followed by the discussion and the material and methods. It is important that the results are shown in only one way, i.

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Such a cited reference may not be necessarily correct in all respects. Scientific research and writing forms a foundation on which stands the future of mankind and the environment. ContentMine — Uses machines to liberatefacts from the scientific literature.

Also, each and every one of them is professional in their own field of expertise, and they use that knowledge to write the best possible essays and papers for you.

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Students of universities across the spectrum, but especially at highly regarded places like Oxford, have seen their daily lives being governed by a set of academic rules that favor profit and cut assistance programs for students. Plotly — Online tool to graph and share data.

Paperpile — No-fuss reference management for the web Google docs plugin. MyExperiment — Share workflows and in silico experiments nanoHUB — Centralized platform for computational nanotechnology research, education, and collaboration.

Thanks to the abstracts of articles that are published in these journals, searching and reading of journals, in which these articles were published can be improved. Another advantage of OMMS is that, as an author, one can directly interact with the editorial team through email. ImpactStory — Share the full story of your research impact.

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How long will it take for the manuscript to get accepted? For example, one can write a case report highlighting an unusual entity even from a small hospital without much infrastructure. Laboratory Logbook — Document projects running in a lab and manage experimentally obtained data and its metadata.

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Reality: Necessary infrastructures may be an important requisite for large scale original research, but absence of such an infrastructure should not preclude one to carry out research at a smaller level. The last issue of Index Medicus was published in December Volume