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You will remain on the Register of Graduate Students until you dissertation conclusions and recommendations your degree certificate at the Congregation.

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You should state on the application form for the appointment of Examiners the proposed date of your departure, allowing at least eight weeks between the date of the submission and the proposed date of departure. The oral examination gives the opportunity for: you to defend your dissertation and clarify any matters raised by your Examiners the Examiners to probe your knowledge in the field the Examiners to assure themselves that the work presented is your own and to clarify matters of any collaboration the Examiners to come to a definite conclusion about the outcome of the examination What is the process following my oral examination?

  • For this reason, applications for extensions based on medical grounds or grave cause are limited to one month.
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  • If the outcome is that you are required to make corrections to your thesis before approval, you will be given three weeks for minor corrections or six weeks for major corrections from the date you are notified.

Once you have received a conditional approval subject to corrections from the Board of Graduate Studies you do not need to be considered at a further Board of Graduate Studies meeting.

See the submission information and Graduate Union's binding services information.

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Contact your Degree Committee for information on how to do this. Should you decide to submit a hard bound thesis at this stage please also follow the guidance on the minimum requirements for a hardbound copy of thesis for Hardbound Submission.

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The dissertation you submit is the document that will be examined. Approval of Dissertation Title When do I need a precise title for my thesis?

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When you have completed your work and wish to submit your corrected or revised dissertation, you will need to be reinstated to the register. Can I include my published papers?

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It is important to ensure your mailing address, email address es and telephone numbers are updated over the 12 months following the submission of your dissertation.

Longer delays may be experienced during vacation periods.

Repository submission system | Digital Thesis submission system On completion of the revised dissertation, candidates will have to submit two copies to the Student Registry along with all the submission paperwork - as if this was a first submission.

Appointment of Examiners and Approval of Title Four weeks before you intend to submit your dissertation, please complete the online Intention to Submit Form. You can find more information about the effects of this on the Removal from the Register page.

The Computer Laboratory will expect you to submit your dissertation as a Technical Report.

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Results You will be able to view your detailed results via your extended fisher c. (2019) researching and writing a dissertation pages in November. Extension to Submission Deadline No extensions will be given to the deadlines, with exceptions being made only for certified medical emergencies.

The steps following your oral examination are as follows: Your Examiners complete a joint report and make a recommendation which is sent to your Degree Committee; Your Degree Committee consider the reports at their next available meeting The Degree Committee forwards their recommendation to the Board of Graduate Studies The Board of Graduate Studies considers the recommendation at their next available meeting and emails the student to confirm the result When will I know the result of dissertation submission cambridge oral examination?

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You should not attempt to send any additional documents to your examiner; these cannot be considered. Return completed forms to the Student Registry. You and your supervisor should complete the access confirmation form and you should upload the completed form to the repository when you upload your thesis.

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If you are granted permission to submit additional materials, these will also need to be uploaded to the University repository when you submit your final thesis, post examination.